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Rubio, Trump Find Common Ground on Cuba

Rubio, Trump Find Common Ground on Cuba

Friday, November 18, 2016
From Florida Politics:

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump find common ground on Cuba

Sen. Marco Rubio has spent the last six years maligning Cuba policy from the Barack Obama White House.

He’s not expecting to have to do the same regarding Donald Trump, however.

After a meeting with Cuban dissident Guillermo “Coco” Farinas Tuesday, Rubio issued a statement, noting that “rolling back President Obama’s one-sided concessions to the Castro regime, a key campaign promise shared with President-elect Trump, will be a top priority for me next year.”

“By any objective measure, President Obama’s unilateral policy changes have failed, and they are not in the best interest of the American people or the people of Cuba,” Rubio observed, adding that he intends to fight for support for “civil society and dissidents from Cuba and other countries.”

Much of the campaign of Rubio’s general election challenger, Rep. Patrick Murphy, was designed to draw comparisons between Rubio and Trump. And for his part, Rubio went out of his way to draw differences between himself and the GOP nominee, vowing to act as a “check” on a Trump White House.

With the general election out of the way, however, Rubio is finding that on one of his biggest policy priorities, it’s useful to have an ally in the White House.

Dissident Leader: Obama is Worst President for Cause of Free Cuba

The quote of the week:
I have faith that President Trump will be better for the people of Cuba and press the cause of freedom and democracy. Let’s just say no one can possibly be worse than Barack Obama has been for our cause.
-- Guillermo Fariñas, Cuban dissident leader and Sakharov Prize recipient, Fox News, 11/16/16

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